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IRS Form 990 Return Preparation Services

Hiring a nonprofit tax professional is an important part of keeping your tax-exempt organization in good standing. I have over twenty-four years of direct experience with nonprofit tax law and compliance. All nonprofits have different needs and different budgets. I provide personal, custom service to meet the needs of my clients. Form 990 preparation is the cornerstone of my practice.

I offer expert and experienced preparation and electronic filing of the following forms:

  • Form 990-N (electronic postcard)
  • Form 990-EZ
  • Form 990
  • Form 990-PF

The rules for which form to file and which schedules to attach have become incredibly complicated. Making a mistake can cost thousands of dollars in penalties and months of unwanted communication with the IRS. Poorly prepared returns make it easy for reporters for local media to create bad press for an organization that might be going through a challenge, and may delay the receipt of grants.

Form 990 has become more than just a tax compliance issue. It is part of the face your organization presents to the public.  All tax-exempt organizations should dedicate sufficient resources to the preparation of Form 990 to have confidence that it is properly prepared and filed on time.

Officers, directors, and trustees of nonprofit organizations have a responsibility to exercise ordinary business care and prudence, to determine state and federal filing requirements, and to meet those obligations on time. Hiring a professional adviser is the best way to make sure your bases are covered.

When hiring a professional to prepare your organization's Form 990, understand that not all tax return preparers, Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and attorneys have the necessary education and experience in the area of nonprofit taxation. It is a very specialized area.

Don't put it off until you're up against the deadline. Contact me today for help.