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An attorney may wish to incorporate a nonprofit, but not be involved in ongoing tax compliance issues. This is where I can help. It is a valuable service to a nonprofit to introduce them to someone who can determine their filing requirements and help them meet those ongoing requirements.

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Professionals vs. IRS

Professionals may find themselves in a situation where an inadvertent error on their part has caused their nonprofit client to be assessed IRS penalties. It is best to seek help immediately in this situation. I have many years of experience in this area.

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CPAS & Enrolled Agents

Do you have a client who wants to form a nonprofit? If you aren’t comfortable with tax-exempt law, you may feel more comfortable referring that work out to a specialist, like me. Many professionals prefer not to prepare the Form 990 series returns, which are very different from individual and corporate returns and have a significant learning curve.

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Nonprofit Founders, Officers, Directors

I can help you establish your organization and guide you through the process of getting your federal tax-exempt status. It’s a complicated process and can be confusing. It won’t be confusing when I’m helping shepherd you through the process. And I’ll be glad to handle your ongoing tax filings or resolve IRS penalties and problems.

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